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Are you interested in contributing to the construction of the Robert Schuman Residence?

The LÉA project offers the possibility of access to property for individuals who find themselves in a situation where they have sufficient capital to be excluded from social housing, but who do not have the resources necessary to access the private real estate market.

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Registration without COMMITMENT!

The purpose of this registration is only to collect information in the interest that the LÉA BOX project may require on the market (The "Project").


You will not receive additional information on the Project which could be considered as related to a "public offer" according to European Regulation 2017/1129 relating to prospectuses before having taken the necessary steps to launch an offer. -to the competent authorities, in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.


At the moment we do not have any document concerning the offers, the general terms and conditions concerning the Project; because the website is under development. We have not chosen any jurisdiction where a potential offer would be launched, nor those where we may decide to target investors.

Therefore, the information contained on this website does not constitute an investment offer.


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LetzToken SA (RCS B255868)

18, rue Robert Stümper
2557 Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Phone: +352 28 81 11


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